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Heets are specially designed tobacco sticks created for use with IQOS devices. They offer a heated tobacco experience, emitting flavorful vapor without the smoke and ash associated with traditional cigarettes.

HEETS Cigarettes & IQOS Device

HEETS ™ tobacco sticks are designed for use with the IQOS system and are made with specially selected tobaccos. IQOS uses revolutionary technology that heats tobacco without burning it, giving you the true taste of tobacco with no smoke, no ash and less smell. This is ideal for health-conscious smokers who don’t wish to vape who would still like the closest alternative experience to smoking on the market. This new heat not burn technology heats the mini tobacco sticks (called HEETS) but doesn’t actually burn them – so in comparison to a conventional cigarette which burns at 800 degrees, the IQOS heats the tobacco to 350 degrees  and instead produces a smoke vapour rather than traditional smoke. This results in an average reduction of 90%-95% in the levels of toxicity and harmful substances found in tobacco IQOS vapour compared to smoke from a cigarette. On top of that, the IQOS has no ash, no smoke, and of course significantly less smell. And because its not LIT tobacco, it also avoids the smoking ban and can be used indoors (where permitted). Therefore moving to IQOS is a much better choice than smoking IQOS is the result of over $3bn investment and a decade of research on a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes conducted by more than 430 scientists and experts in our R&D facilities in Switzerland. Over 2.9 million consumers across the globe have already switched to IQOS. Specially designed tobacco sticks, known as HEETS , are inserted into the IQOS holder which uses a unique heating blade made of gold and platinum coated in ceramic. Specialist electronics control the temperature to ensure there is no combustion. IQOS Heets Buy Online Pakistan NO SMOKE By heating tobacco rather than burning it, IQOS creates tobacco vapour, not smoke. IQOS vapour dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke. It does not negatively impact indoor air quality, as proven by international air quality tests and is not a source of second hand smoke.* NO ASH Unlike cigarettes, IQOS does not burn tobacco and therefore produces no ash. LESS SMELL After using IQOS, the odour left on hands, hair and clothes is significantly less than that left by cigarettes. IQOS is not risk free. The best way to reduce tobacco related health risks is to quit tobacco use altogether.

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Looking for the perfect IQOS experience? The future of tobacco consumption with IQOS devices, designed to provide a satisfying and modern alternative to traditional smoking. Say goodbye to ash and hello to innovation as you explore our range of IQOS devices, each engineered for a seamless blend of technology and style.

Difference between IQOS Heets and Traditional Cigarettes

Heets provide a modern approach, heating tobacco instead of burning it like traditional cigarettes. This reduces harmful chemicals, offering a potentially less harmful option for nicotine consumption. Heets are basically tobacco sticks heated by iqos devices instead of burning like traditional cigarettes., crafted to provide a taste experience like no other. At Vape Bazaar, we offer a great variety of Heets flavors, from the rich and robust Heets Red to the sophisticated Heets Sienna Flavor. With Heets Silver Label Flavor, we bring you a premium selection that caters to your discerning palate.

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Benefits of buying Heets :

Reduced Harm: IQOS products significantly reduce harmful chemicals compared to traditional smoking. Enhanced Experience: Enjoy tobacco with innovative heat-not-burn technology for a smoother taste. Less Odor: Experience reduced lingering smell on clothes and surroundings. Modern Convenience: No ash, less mess, and simple device operation. Diverse Flavors: Explore a range of flavors to suit your preferences.