Explore through our collection authentic vampire vape e- liquids in Pakistan

Vampire Vape E-Liquid Collection in Pakistan

Introducing Vampire Vape e-liquids in Pakistan by Vapebazaar. One of the best selling e-liquids in UK, now available to enthusiasts in Pakistan. If you are looking for an ideal combination of rich flavor and thick clouds, you have landed on the right place. Our Vampire e-juice range includes: -

Golden Thrill Koncept XIX

An exotic mango taste like no other. This slippery fruit has managed to slide it's way into greatness with this crazy-sweet fruity mix! -

Heisenberg Koncept XIX

A top secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of the all day vape! A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is... and wanting more. An Ideal choice for users looking to vape extremely cool menthol. -

Kool Kick Koncept XIX

Just imagine a lemon in sunglasses! A lemon can't really get much cooler - unless it's squeezed into this mouth-wateringly stunning liquid. Careful though, this will knock you off your feet! -

Pinkman Koncept XIX

The real MVP of the fruity flavours! Perfect if you're looking for a one of a kind taste sensation. A true mouth-watering fruit explosion that your taste buds have been waiting for! -

Vape Shortz – Cool Blue Slush

A delectable, fruity fusion of blueberries and raspberries that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and cool on the exhale. Reminds you of those old classic bright blue slush that everyone knows and loves! Vampire Vape Shortz are a new range of four solid flavours all in a 70VG / 30PG mix! 50ml of juice in a 75ml bottle gives you the ability to use Nicit UP's to create either a 3mg or 6mg with no fuss. For 3mg, just add any single Nicit UP, if you're looking to make a 6mg just add two and a half!  

About Vampire Vape



Vampire Vape was established in 2012 and went LTD as Flavour Warehouse LTD in 2013. Although Vampire Vape is the biggest most recognised brand they manufacture over 20 different ranges. -


They started with 12 flavours and they regularly trial & release new flavours which has seen their standard range grow to 54 flavour options. Vampire Vape continue to develop new ranges & flavours behind the scenes to keep their flavours in line with current trends, whilst also thinking outside the box. Even more, Vampire Vape also offer contract bottling services and OEM, which enables them to cover all aspects of their client’s requirements and build long-term working relationships. Everything is manufactured in the UK. -


Above all, every product that leaves their facility has a sample stored for 15 years that relates to each batch for future testing. Additionally, they have trace ability for each bottle from the time/date manufactured and the machine used, down to the ingredients which relates to a batch of nicotine, flavouring, PG and VG. Therefore the batch of nicotine can also be traced to the source using the batch ingredients up the line. -

Hygiene and Quality Control

Morover, their company has three clean rooms and an extensive facility specifically designed for the manufacture of e-liquid. They have 2 full time flavourists and manufacture flavours for hundreds of companies in the UK. The Nicotine, PG & VG are all pharmaceutical grade and the flavours are all food grade quality & suitable for e-liquid use. -

VapeFest 2014

For VapeFest 2014 they created and manufactured 2 iconic Limited Edition flavours, which have quickly become their most recognised signature flavours, and they named them Heisenberg & Pinkman. -

Social Responsibility

VV are constantly looking for opportunities to expand and grow their business for the mutual benefit of their customers, suppliers and staff alike, a responsible employer and value each & every one of their employees. The team therefore at their place work together to achieve their goals and develop & train their staff to their full potential. Not just working together,, they play together and maintain a true dedicated team spirit!