Disposable Vape

Discover the convenience and style of disposable vapes – the go-to choice for both newbies and seasoned vapers alike. These hassle-free, single-use devices are not only cost-effective but also boast a sleek design that fits right in your pocket. No need for setups or maintenance headaches! But wait, there’s more!!! Vapebazaar has listened to what you want; and our disposable vape range now includes models offering even more puffs. How about options with up to 2500 puffs, 3000 puffs, 5000 Puffs, 5500 Puffs or even an impressive 6000 and 6500 Puffs per bar?

Yes, you heard that right, Vapebazaar has disposable vapes offering all the options.

Get the 2500 Puffs with Esco Bar in Just Rs: 2,099.

Want 3000 Puffs, no worries; Our IVG range has got you covered.

Our Ripper by RufPuf range offers 6000 Puffs.

Vapebazaar offers Airbar by Nex which has 6500 Puffs.

Explore our collection of TPD-compliant disposable pen kits, featuring nicotine-free vapes and ones with nicotine, handpicked from top e-cig brands like Esco Bar, RufPuf and Slugger. Vaping has never been this easy and satisfying! Thanks to Vapebazaar!

Curious about Disposable Vapes? That What actually is a Disposable Vape?

Picture them as "puff bars" – easy-to-use devices that pack a battery and a pre-filled pod with a built-in coil.

Forget the hassle of rechargeable vape pens! Disposable vape pens are super user-friendly. They use a battery that you can't recharge, paired with a closed pod. Once the battery runs out or the pod is empty, just toss the whole thing responsibly.

Each puff is designed to give you that nicotine satisfaction with a familiar mouth-to-lung inhale, just like smoking regular cigarettes.

Plus, they come pre-filled with salt-based nicotine e-liquid. And hey, if you're not into nicotine, you can grab them in 0% nicotine too. It's vaping made simple – try out disposable vapes from Vapebazaar for an easy and enjoyable experience!

Key Features of Disposable Vapes You Need to Know as a Vaper

1: Pre-Charged Battery in Disposable Vapes – Strong Reason to Buy it

Experience the ultimate convenience with disposable vapes; featuring a pre-charged battery. Disposable Vape devices come ready to use right out of the box, eliminating the need for any charging worry. The pre-charged battery ensures that you can enjoy your vaping experience immediately.

Disposable Vape is an easy and straightforward option for both new and experienced vapers. With no waiting time for charging, disposable vapes with pre-charged batteries provide a seamless and on-the-go solution for those who crave a quick and satisfying vaping session. Simply unwrap, inhale, and enjoy the flavorful experience, all powered by the convenience of a pre-charged battery.

2: Pre-Filled Pod in a Disposable Vape

Think of the pre-filled pod in disposable vapes like a ready-to-use flavor cartridge. It's the part that's already filled with the vape juice, so there's no need to mess around with pouring or filling anything. This feature makes it super easy, especially if you're new to vaping or just want a hassle-free experience. All you have to do is grab your disposable vape, and it's good to go. No complicated setups – just unbox, start puffing, and enjoy the flavors without any extra steps. The pre-filled pod takes the complexity out of vaping, giving you a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

3: Inhale Activation: Free Your Fingers

Experience the sheer simplicity of disposable vapes with the enchanting touch of inhale activation – it's like magic at your fingertips! Unlike other vapes that demand buttons and switches, disposable vapes make vaping a breeze.

With each puff, the inhale activation effortlessly kicks in – no need to press buttons or navigate complicated settings. It's as intuitive as breathing! This feature transforms disposable vapes into the epitome of user-friendliness, especially for vaping newcomers. Just grab a disposable vape, take a puff, and let the inhale activation work its wonders. Effortless vaping at its finest, ensuring a smooth and delightful experience with every breath.

Note that the inhale activation contributes to efficient battery use by only activating when you take a puff.

Feeling tempted to dive into the world of disposable vapes? Look no further than Vapebazaar!

Our prices are budget-friendly, and you'll discover a comprehensive selection of every major brand of disposable vapes both online and in our physical store. Vapebazaar is the perfect one-stop destination to satisfy your vaping needs.

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The Home of Disposable Vape Brands: Vapebazaar

Vapebazaar is a place where your vaping journey becomes effortlessly enjoyable! Dive into a world of top-tier disposable vape brands, carefully selected with your preferences in mind. Whether you're a fan of tried-and-true favorite disposable vape brands, like ( Esco Bars, RufPuf) or looking to discover the latest sensations; which includes ( Air Bar ) Vapebazaar has you covered. We've handpicked the finest names in the disposable vape, ensuring there's a perfect match for everyone.

Disposable Vape Flavors We Offer at Vapebazaar

Explore a variety of disposable vape flavors at Vapebazaar, including popular choices like Mango Ice, Lychee Ice, Green Apple Ice, Sweet Mint, and Strawberry Ice. Whether you prefer the tropical sweetness of mango, the exotic notes of lychee, the crispness of green apple, the refreshing taste of mint, or the cool sensation of strawberry ice, our disposable vape flavor range has something for every vaper. Up your disposable vaping experience with these diverse and enjoyable flavors all conveniently available at Vapebazaar!

Top Most Disposable Vape Brands in Pakistan 2023

Mentioned below are the most trending Disposable vape brands which are available in Pakistan.

1: Air Bar

2: Esco Bar

3:Klikit By RufPuf

4: Relx



7: Posh



Disposable Vape Price in Pakistan

The cost of disposable vapes in Pakistan is influenced by the brand, with prices starting from 1000 Rupees. Prices may vary based on the specific brand and model; offering vapers a range of options to suit their preferences and budgets. Vapebazaar offers the most ideal disposable vape prices in Pakistan.