MTL - Mouth to Lung Vaping Devices

Looking to give up cigarette and tobacco smoking? Well, you have arrived at the right place. With our devices in this category, you are sure to quit smoking with a blink of an eye. Check out our collection below.

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MTL- Mouth to Lung


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MTL - Mouth to Lung Devices

MTL devices are currently gaining rapid popularity in the market, mainly due to its small thin and discrete clouds, which makes it ideal for indoor smoking. An ideal choice for users who vape at work or say malls or even cinemas. Be sure to not be a nuisance to others, as we suggest "vape responsibly" 

Although, it is generally thought that because MTL (Mouth to lung devices) creates less vapor, they are not as effective in delivering nicotine efficiently. Which is far from truth. Since all MTL devices are good to use with NIC SALTS i.e 30mg to 50mg nicotine strengths. They deliver exceptional quality of nicotine, ideal for users looking to give up the poisonous tobacco/cigarette habit and switch to clean smell free vapors.

Additionally, MTL devices are quite small and sleek in size, which not only makes them very appealing but also an easy to carry a device, so you can have it on the go.

Moreover, MTL devices are much easy to set up and maintain. So you don't need to be a vaping geek to be able to own and use one. The only thing users ought to do is refill e-liquid // replace pods once it runs out, and change the coils every once in a while. Since most of these devices do not allow for wattage settings to be changed, their chip automatically sets a standard wattage in place, meaning no rocket science to deal with!

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  • Voopoo Vinci Mod Pod Kit 40 W 1500 MAh
  • Wismec myJET Express Kit
  • SMOK Rolo Badge Starter Kit

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